From Venice, with Love

Silkow is a project born from its founders’ passions: silk in its most prestigious forms and the constant research for personal wellbeing, by getting back to nature.

Silkow dates back to 2021, and it has been founded in the same town where this precious fiber landed for the first time from the far East: Venice.

Marco Polo’s hometown, Venice has always been the city of long trips, of prestigious fabrics where the gap between dreams and reality is thinner than anywhere else.

Here, just a few miles from Venice, we tailor all of our pillowcases.

 Pillowcases, nothing else, only made with 100% pure silk, also since the raw material is the true protagonist
of this whole story.

 As evidence of this, you will find in each one of our boxes, a true silk cocoon to signify the consistent connection with the natural origins of this precious fiber.

For this reason, Silkow pillowcases are nothing else but white: they maintain and emphasize silk natural shade, emblem of its purity and softness.

An elegant design, with an amazing packaging, but most importantly a top-quality raw material, shining, covering, resistant to countless washing. For a timeless product.

The perfect gift, for her and for him, it will impress the most demanding ones as well as the lovers of the classics.

Silk is a fiber with natural hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, thermo-regulative properties and incredibly soft and delicate on our skin and hair. It is also a great ally of ours on an essential daily task:

taking care of ourselves, every day.