Made in Venice

SILKOW was born in spring 2021, in the city where this precious fiber landed for the first time from the Far East: Venice .

The city of Marco Polo, of long journeys, of precious fabrics and where the distance between dreams and reality is thinner than anywhere else.

Here, a few km from Venice, all our pillowcases are made.

A project that takes shape from the passions of its founders : silk in its most precious forms and the search for personal well-being through a continuous return to nature.


In contact with nature

The search for personal well-being through a return to contact with nature.

An attention to detail and the quality of each component are the key characteristics of the product.

A careful choice aimed at researching eco-sustainable materials: from the pure cotton label to the recyclable paper packaging.

An excellent Made in Italy.

Only pillowcases, only 100% pure silk because the raw material is the true protagonist of this story .

As proof of this, each package contains a real silk cocoon inside, indicating the constant link with the natural origin of this precious fibre.

Also for this reason, Silkow pillowcases are strictly white: to maintain and enhance the natural color of the silk , a symbol of its purity and delicacy.


Silk at the center

Each package contains a real silk cocoon because silk is the real protagonist.

An elegant design , impressive packaging , but above all a very high quality raw material , bright and opaque, resistant to numerous washes, for a timeless product.

A perfect gift, for him and for her , capable of surprising the most assiduous researchers and pampering lovers of the classics.


A perfect gift

At every age and season, the Silkow silk pillowcase is a refined and original gift suitable for any occasion.

Because silk is a naturally hypoallergenic , antibacterial , thermoregulating fiber and incredibly delicate on the skin and hair and helps each of us in an essential task.

Take care of yourself, every day.

In fact, every night!