• Pillowcases, made with nothing but silk.

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Wellness and Beauty

Discover silk properties

Sleeping on silk


Our pillowcases

All of our pillowcases are realized only with 100% silk.

Nothing but white: we decided to keep and value silk natural color, emblem of its purity and delicacy.

Delicate but resistant:our pillowcases are available with two basis weights, 22 and 29 mommes, as to ensure a product that lasts throughout time, but that at the same time remains delicate and light when it touches our skin.

For adults and for kids, in both satin and dull version: as for everyone to find the most suitable article for their own skin.

Come and find the best article for your needs!

Set of 2 pillowcases

Save 10% buying a set of 2 pillowcases for your bedroom.



Take care of yourself with silk.