How to choose your pillowcase

All our pillowcases are made of 100% SILK and realized by artisans close in Venice. Each piece is subjected to quality control to always guarantee a premium quality raw material that mantains softness and shine even after numerous washes.

4 Factors not to be understimated when you are choosing a silk pillowcase

1. A heavy weight for a long-lasting product, even using the washing machine!
Unlike common silk pillowcases, all of our pillowcases are made with high grammage silk (starting from 95 g/mq). This allows them to be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees keeping the texture of the fiber intact - in addition to its softness and shine - forever, or almost.

No “damaged” effect even after nomerous washes
It can be easily washed in washing machine
Better aesthetic result
Suitable for frequent washing

2. Composition 100% Silk
The beneficial properties of silk pillowcase are linked solely to its 100% Silk composition not to the smooth and shiny finish of the satin manufacturing. In fact, satin is a type of “production” that can be used on different textile fibers; it gives the glossy aspect precisely in the collective imagination of silk but does not give any information about the nature of fiber.

Composition 100% Silk: p cause satin does not mean silk.
3. No chemical coloring treatment
Silk is a natural fiber and its beneficial properties derive from its natural origin. Silk derives from the continuous filament of the cocoon with the task of guarding and protecting the silkworm from bacteria and other external threats.
To keep the magic beneficial properties of silk alive, no chemical coloring treatment is applied to the raw material which maintains its natural white colour, symbol of its purity and natural origin.

Only Natural White

Greater resistance over time

4. Embroidery in Silk Thread
All embroideries are made of silk to guarantee 100% silk contact on face. The use of less delicate fibers for embroidery could cause irritation or redness if in prolonged contact with face.