How to choose your silk pillowcase?


All our pillowcases are made of 100% PURE SILK of the highest quality and packaged by artisan workshops just a few km from Venice. Each piece is subjected to a heat-setting treatment to keep the fiber shiny and compact even after numerous washes in water. Accurate quality control on a first choice material and impeccable workmanship for a product that maintains softness and shine for a long, long time.

4 simple rules to know when choosing a silk pillowcase

1. Quality and weight

The pillowcase is an accessory that needs to be washed often. For this reason, the quality of the fiber is a factor that should not be underestimated when choosing: pillowcases made of poor quality or low weight silk can in fact become frayed during the first few washes. So what are the factors to keep in mind when choosing a silk pillowcase that lasts over time? The weight is certainly a valid indicator : whether it is in grams or momme, it indicates the quantity of fiber per unit of surface. The greater the weight, the greater the quantity of fiber used and therefore in general the resistance of the product over time. However, be careful not to confuse the weight of the silk with the quality of the fibre: the weight indicates how much silk is present in the product but only the touch and use over time are able to reveal the quality of the silk used .

A high weight for a product that lasts longer

High weight vs fiber quality

2. Heat setting treatment

Each meter of Silkow silk undergoes a specific chemical-free heat setting treatment before being cut and packaged.

In fact, silk is a very delicate natural fiber that tends to get damaged easily if subjected to frequent washing in water.

To prevent the pillowcase from becoming "frayed" after just a few washes, from shrinking in contact with warm water, from having a "beard" effect after just a few uses, each meter of silk is subjected to a thermal fixing treatment which enhances the shine of the fiber and keeps it compact even after numerous washes (even in the washing machine at 30 degrees).

A product that remains bright and compact for a long time

Easily machine washable

3. No chemical coloring treatment

The numerous beneficial properties of silk and the benefits linked to its use are due to its natural composition.

Any chemical coloring treatment modifies the natural structure of the fiber, reducing its benefits.

To keep the beneficial properties of silk alive, no chemical coloring treatment is applied to the raw material which is enhanced in its natural white color, symbol of its purity and perfection.

Only Natural White

No chemical coloring treatment

4. Made in Italy

All Silkow pillowcases are made in Italy a few km from Venice. Not only the pillowcase, but also the internal label and packaging.

Choosing a Made in Italy product does not just mean choosing a quality product.

It means supporting local realities.

It means promoting the economy, culture and skills of our country.

It means protecting the environment around us.

It means investing in our future.

Made in Italy is not just quality, it is culture and shared values