Why using silk pillowcases


It improves sleep quality
Thanks to its thermo regulative function, silk pillowcases are perfect for those who usually suffer from thermic shocks or sweating, then giving a pleasant warmth sensation throughout the whole night.
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It reduces “sleep wrinkles” on our skin
The smooth and silky surface avoids the appearance of folds on our skin, like it may happen if we use pillowcases made with other textile fibers. Silk delicate and restful action hence reduces the formation of those wrinkles linked with the friction with the surface of the pillow while sleeping.
It fights tangles and frizzy hair
Differently from other textile fibers, silk reduces the friction of our hair with the pillow while we sleep, which hence prevents tangles, split ends and frizzy hair.
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Antibacterial action perfect against acne and skin problems
Silk antibacterial function and its delicacy both make silk pillowcases a perfect support for those who suffer from acne and other skin problems, and who then need natural fibers suitable for these issues.
Tidier hair
Silk pillowcases are a great support and ally for both skin and hair. More precisely, silk ability not to absorb humidity nor creams applied on our skin, it all helps keeping our hair tidier.
Face skin treatments that last longer
Silk does not absorb humidity or other elements present in our surroundings such as those we apply on our face or hair before bedtime, improving the effects and efficacy of creams, serums and other beauty treatments.
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Strong and shiny hair
Compared with pillowcases made with other fibers, silk-made ones reduce the friction our hair suffer when we rest our head on the pillow while we sleep. This way, skin fights against frail hair, making them instead stronger and shinier.
Antibacterial and hypoallergenic action for frail skins
Skin natural hypoallergenic action makes it a fiber which has always been used for taking care of fragile skins. For this reason, silk is often suggested by dermatologist for both children and adults to side ad-hoc treatments for different skin problems.
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