Benefits and Properties of Silk


Silk is a completely natural fiber composed mainly of Sericin and Fibroin: two natural proteins very similar to the proteins that make up our skin and our hair which make it the natural fiber par excellence in contact with our skin.

The beneficial properties of silk are entirely linked to its natural origin.

Silk, in fact, is obtained from the single filament that forms the cocoon. This filament has the task of protecting the silkworm from external threats (such as mites, bacteria, temperature variations, etc.).

The incredible properties of silk are linked precisely to its role as a protective filament, the result of millennia of evolution.

These properties take shape in accessories and clothing for the person that provide real well-being for the health of our body with healing and regenerative benefits even for the most sensitive skin.

Improves sleep quality

Thanks to its thermoregulatory action , the silk pillowcase is perfect for those who tend to suffer from sudden changes in temperature or night sweating, giving a sensation of pleasant warmth throughout the night.

Reduces "sleep creases"

The smooth and silky surface prevents the formation of creases on the skin as often happens with pillowcases made of other textile fibres. The delicate and extensive action of silk reduces the formation of wrinkles linked to contact with the surface of the pillow during the night.

Fights the formation of knots and frizz

Unlike other textile fibres, silk reduces friction between hair and pillow during the night, fighting the formation of knots and split ends and promoting a natural anti-frizz effect.

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic action

The antibacterial and hypoallergenic action of silk makes the silk pillowcase a precious ally for those suffering from acne or other skin infections and for the most delicate skin .

Clean hair for longer

The silk pillowcase, by not absorbing the humidity present in the external environment - as well as the sebum of the skin and the products applied to the face - helps to keep the hair clean for longer.

Prolonged action of creams

Silk does not absorb external humidity, allowing products applied to the face such as creams and serums to have a prolonged action throughout the night without being absorbed by the pillow.

Stronger, longer and shinier hair

Compared to pillowcases made of other fibers, the silk pillowcase reduces friction between hair and pillow during the night. In this way it protects them, keeping them stronger, shinier and preventing them from breaking. By not rubbing your hair, it maintains the perfect style, even the next day!

Irresistible pleasure

Soft on the face like a rose petal, silk gives a pleasant sensation in contact with the face that lasts all night. In addition to its numerous benefits, the pleasure of sleeping on silk is irresistible in itself.